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Why is Yoga so Awesome? And why don’t more people do it?

Pardon me, would you like to have more of any of the following qualities in your life?


I’ve been teaching yoga for 20 years and doing massage now for 14, and every single time I give a bodywork/massage session I see patterns of restriction and/or pain that I know would be helped tremendously by yoga. When I say “every single time”, I’m not exaggerating. After almost every session I give my clients instructions for 1-2 specific exercises that they can incorporate daily that I believe will have a dramatically positive effect on their bodies. I also let them know about the weekly yoga classes that I teach, and invite them to come.  Most of them don’t ever come, and I’m pretty sure that I can guess a few of the reasons:

1) They aren’t sure what to expect, and fear that it could be really weird (and potentially uncomfortable).
2) They fear they may not be “good at yoga”.
3) They are wary about going into a room where “others” will see them doing something “that could be really weird” and that they may not be “good at”.
4) They don’t know the immense value of yoga, and doubt that it will be worth the time and money.

Does that cover it? In any case, if any (or all) of these reasons are the ones that are keeping you from attending a yoga class, please read on as I address each of them.

1) If you’ve never attended a yoga class, here’s what you can expect when you come to one of my classes: a peaceful, welcoming, non-competitive environment, friendly faces of other students (more on that in #3), and a knowledgeable teacher who gives specific attention and care to your needs. Beyond that…you will walk in and be greeted and asked about any physical issues that I need to know about so I can better help you, and you’ll set up your yoga mat (or if you don’t have one you’ll borrow one of mine). I usually start class with a brief period of sitting in silence to tune in.  We often chant three OMs after that (which might be weird at first, but it probably won’t after the first time, and it’s not mandatory to chant), and then I begin to guide you through a yoga practice. We always start with slower movements to “wake up” our parts, and bring more awareness into the body.  Things will gradually progress, and there will be parts of the class that are more challenging and parts that are more relaxing. Overall the whole class is meant to be therapeutic in nature as it challenges your range-of-motion, possibly your cardio, and definitely your mind. Class always ends with a resting pose that leaves you feeling refreshed and pretty euphoric. Excuse #1 can be used no longer! 🙂

2) Yoga isn’t something you can be “good” or “bad” at.  Yoga is a very personal experience.  Each person has their own set of “stuff” they come in with — old injuries, conditions, mental blocks, areas of flexibility, areas of strength, etc.  In all my years of practicing and teaching yoga I have yet to see someone who was “bad” at yoga.  So, you can’t use this excuse anymore!!!

3) The group experience of yoga is actually something really special.  When you come into a yoga class, you can be sure that each other student there has had the same fears of being judged.  We have all been there! In my yoga classes I hold a safe space for us all to be vulnerable, open, and welcomed as we are. You’ll find that over time you have a unique bond with the other folks that you are practicing alongside.

4) Yes, yoga does take time.  Yes, when you attend a class there is a fee.  If someone told you that you could increase your happiness and quality of life doing something that had absolutely no negative side effects whatsoever, how much would that be worth to you? Seriously. Each class is about 90 minutes. Would you agree that taking 90 minutes out of your week (which consists of 10,080 minutes) which is .89% of your weekly minutes to do something that’s actually fun, therapeutic mentally and physically, brings great health benefits, and deepens your awareness and gratitude for life IS an AMAZING TRADE-OFF?! As for cost, it’s the same issue of VALUE.  Most people mindlessly spend way more than the cost of a yoga class on things like alcohol, candy, junk food, lottery tickets, soda, coffee, clothes, impulse buys at the check-out stand, or amazon.  A yoga class might cost you the equivalent of a coffee drink and a danish once a week, which tastes great in the moment, but the positive effects wear off immediately, and the negative effects are potentially much more long-lasting. It’s not even a fair question of which is the better for you. So when it comes to cost, maybe re-framing it this way helps.  Another way to look at it is this: Yoga is Preventative Care that saves you a lot of money in doctor bills and meds in the long run.

I know that the majority of people have probably never attended a yoga class. I hope that my words have helped to persuade you to try something that is so AMAZINGLY beneficial and FUN!  I’ve heard from many students over the years that coming to yoga class is one of the highlights of their week, and I am so grateful to be a facilitator of something so awesome! If you have been touched at all by this article, please reach out to me:, or 349-4986.  I would love to answer any questions you have about yoga, and if you are someone who truly values yoga, but can not afford it at this time in your life, I am always open to talking about solutions for that (work-trade, discounts, etc.).

I offer a special for New Yoga Students — $30 for 30 days. After that most folks buy a package of 4 classes for $48, which makes it $12 per class.  If you only want to come to one class, it’s $15.

I teach TWO classes a week:
~ Tuesdays at 6:30pm @ Sacred Space &
~ Saturdays at 10am @ City Park behind the Farmer’s Market.

I also offer a special for New Massage Clients — 2 massages for $100 (1 Thai massage, and 1 other of your choice).  Massage and Yoga compliment one another very well, especially if you have an area of difficulty that we can work on in yoga class and in bodywork sessions.

Private Yoga Sessions are also an option! Just call to set up a Consultation! 349-4986

Sacred Space Yoga, Massage & Birth Services is located at 177 North 4th St. (the door to the right of Dominos). Doors open for yoga classes 15 minutes prior to class. Bodywork By Appointment Only. Call to schedule: 349-4986.

With Greatest Respect and Peace,