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Calling all LOVE Warriors!


I believe that LOVE is the most powerful force there is.  Love truly does conquer all.  Let’s not pretend — we ALL have fears of inadequacy. We all have times where we doubt ourselves, our capabilities, or that the good we do outweighs the negativity we experience. WE ARE NOT ALONE in that.  Even though it feels like these darker, shadow feelings separate us from others, it is precisely these experiences that connect us so deeply to one another. Here’s the key…we have to reach out in love to another even in the face of our fears in order to experience the ONE-ness that we are. In our current world, we have to be LOVE Warriors!  What does this have to do with YOGA, you ask? Everything! Yoga is all about real life, conquering the fear in our heads to be more present, and live life more fully on our own terms! If you don’t believe me, then you HAVE to come to my classes to find out: Tuesday nights at 6pm (177 N. 4th St — more contact info on the yoga page you can click at the top of the page).

This weekend I was so deeply inspired by a young woman, Lyla June, whom I found on facebook who was sharing the Love and Truth and Beauty that is her gorgeous self, and shining the Light for other Love Warriors. Here’s an excerpt from what I read, as well as a video link and a link to her exquisite website:

“They say that history is written by the victors, but how can there be a victor when the war isn’t over? The battle has only just begun, and Creator is sending his very best warriors. And this time it isn’t Indians and Cowboys. No, this time it is all the beautiful races of humanity together on the same side, and we are fighting to replace our fear with Love, and this time bullets, arrows, and cannonballs won’t save us. The only weapons that are useful are the weapons of Truth, Faith, and Compassion.”

~ Lyla June

Check out her AMAZING post and video on Facebook here:

And her beautiful website here:

I’m holding you ALL in the Light! May your week be filled with LOVE. May you act with courage even in the face of fear to spread the love of all! ❤




Post-Labor Day Yoga

This week’s Tuesday night yoga class will focus on letting go of the “busy-ness.”  Now, I’m not talking about being lazy here. I’ll be the first to admit that it feels GOOD to get things done — to cross something off your “To-Do” list.  Accomplishment is NOT to be confused with the proverbial “busy-ness” that plagues our lives, our culture, and our society at large.

I’ve been noticing that when I am rushing around I don’t feel good.  At those times when I’m rushing around because I’m running late, my head is spinning, and I’m juggling 8 different things while trying to get out the door, I hate myself.  I hate life. I hate how I react instead of respond, and I hate how I treat my kids in those moments.  In those moments all the joy and love I have for life is sucked out of me, and all I feel is anxiety, fear, my heart pounding, worry, anger. This isn’t how I want my life to be. Nothing about it is how I want to live, feel, think, or be.

I’ve caught myself recently on a few occasions and realized that I’d rather be late than harbor all of those negative feelings that corrupt my life and my kids’ lives.  Very recently I caught myself AGAIN and this time I just had to cancel what we had going on and BE with the fact that we all needed some down time.  What SWEET RELIEF I felt after just making that choice to BREATHE and CHOOSE LOVE!!!

I can only speak for myself, but I think there are many others out there that believe as I do.  I want to live my life, giving attention to what matters most instead of running around giving all my attention to things that don’t matter at all, with the idea that once they are taken care of I can then, finally, focus on what really matters.  Let’s face it, living like that doesn’t EVER make time for those things that matter the most, because when everything else is your priority, then those things that fuel us (AND THAT WE LIVE FOR!!!) always come last.


So…if you feel as I do and want to make a valiant effort to choose what matters most, please join me for yoga this Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. In yoga we do plenty of the “yoga” you see in pictures and videos online, but we also do the real yoga of LIFE! Yoga is WAY more than a pose, it’s a way of living that helps us cultivate the lives we want to BE in. Come check it out!

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What would you do to Feel This Incredible?!

Saturday Yoga AdIf you knew how INCREDIBLE you would FEEL after taking about 75 minutes out of your day to do YOGA this Saturday morning, would you do that for yourself?

What if you knew that by having that AWESOME experience practicing yoga, you could have a better day because you’d feel MORE GRATITUDE and LOVE for your LIFE and the people in it, and you’d be more IN THE MOMENT with each of those people you loved?

Say YES!!!

I hope I get to meet you this Saturday morning in City Park @ 10am behind Lander Valley Farmer’s Market.

No experience necessary!

p.s. SAY YES!!!!

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