Sitting in Silence (special offer at the end of this post)

Sitting in Silence has become a regular practice for me and I am so grateful. Why is the pull to distract always more enticing than the quiet reflection that’s necessary? Have you noticed that? When we get knocked off balance by unexpected and uncomfortable situations the EASIEST thing to do is usually to fall back on the coping mechanisms from our past — emotional eating, binging on Netflix, alcohol, blaming others (the list goes on) — all things that take the attention off our Self and put it somewhere else. This is never where healing occurs. The answers lie in the dark. In the silence. In the discomfort itself. In the Great Mystery. All we have to do is turn around and face what we’ve turned away from. Seeing, listening, acknowledging, STAYING. This is where the healing begins. 
Do you need help navigating a life change, challenging situation, or making the necessary changes to propel yourself in the direction you know you want to go? I want to help you. 

If you’d like to work with me 1-on-1, you can take advantage of my New Client Special — 25% OFF 4 Pack Coaching Sessions. 


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