#RealFoodieFriday 02.10.17

Ever been to an Indian buffet and had the rice pudding for dessert? I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite part! The cardamom, the sweetness, the milk…Mmmmm! 

Rice pudding (Kheer) can also be a delicious, comforting  breakfast food. Not to mention, it’s a great way to use that last bit of rice in the pot that isn’t quite enough for another meal. 

It doesn’t really get any more simple than this…

  1. Put your left-over pot of rice on the stove. Any kind will do — basmati, jasmine, short or long grain, white or brown. 
  2. Add enough milk (cow, goat, almond, coconut, or whatever you have on hand) to cover the rice completely. *How much is really your preference — do you like it to be more soupy, or more chunky. 
  3. Add cardamom, some nuts, some raisins, and a natural sweetener. This week I added tumeric (great for treating inflammation, by the way), cardamom, organic whole milk, cashews, raisins, and maple syrup, but you can do any variation of spices, nuts, dried fruit, milk, and sweetener that you like, or have handy.  Sometimes I use honey, or agave. 
  4. Heat on low to medium, stirring frequently. 

That’s it! I hope this saves you some time in the kitchen, so you can spend more time doing what you love! Please comment below to let me know how yours turned out, and what combinations you love! 

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