Why I Created “Renew You!”

There’s a problem in popular culture (I’m calling it Over-Masculinization) where we are holding ourselves and each other to impossible standards based on a very unsustainable, masculine model of what’s “NORMAL”.

I’m NOT going to paint a negative picture of Masculinity by ANY means. What I want to do is REVEAL the TRUTH of our current predicament. Masculine & Feminine are both necessary and BEAUTIFUL aspects of the same spectrum and in actuality, we ALL have BOTH Masculine and Feminine characteristics in our ways of being.

Masculine is concerned with discipline, rigor, control and is associated with the Sun. Feminine is more aligned with receptivity, emotions, intuition, subtle aspects of being, and the Moon. In Yoga, we call these aspects Shiva and Shakti. You can think of Shiva (masculine) as a beautiful vase, a container, holding the Divine liquid/energy that flows within (Shakti).

The problem isn’t masculinity, in and of itself, but it arises from the disconnection with the Feminine. This effects both men & women b/c no one is meant to be “ON” all of the time. Kate Northrup talks about this and compares it to farming, by saying that we can’t expect a continual harvest. And she’s right!

Guess what having impossible expectations leads to?
Failure, Disappointment, Lack of Confidence,  Depression, Anxiety, and Adrenal Overload!

This isn’t good for anyone! We push ourselves too hard to get “results” when pushing is against the nature of the Feminine, whose role is to Reflect, Receive, and Flow.

When we are in Flow, there is no Forcing. When we are Forcing, we are depleting ourselves and in the Masculine model, there is no time for renewal, so we continue to exhaust our natural resources until there’s nothing left.

In this model, the only way our need of SLOWING DOWN and returning to our essential nature is to get sick or breakdown — neither are optimal, and neither fix the root of the problem. So…we get a little rest and go back to working too hard until the next breakdown occurs, which leaves us more broken than before.

It’s a terrible cycle that only ends in Distress and DIS-EASE.

So…I created “Renew You!”, a 6 week online yoga course to help point YOU back in the direction of Ease, of Flow, of Balance, and lead you toward your Authentic Self and way of Being  — which, by the way, IS a sustainable model and one where you can THRIVE!

I hope you’ll join me!


I will continue to offer this course, BUT there’s ONLY 2 Days Left to get this awesome Discount! Through tomorrow you can enter: oldschool and SAVE $23 BUCKS of the Price. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER.

There’s so many goodies included in this course. It’s so worth it, whenever you decide the time is right for you!


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