Raise Your Own Bar!

Raise Your Own Bar!

It took many years for me to get to the point where I could be publicly honest about my own imperfections. We look around us and see what looks like people having it all together all over the place — social media, billboards, tv, magazines, even in our communities, but the truth is NO ONE REALLY HAS IT ALL TOGETHER.


It only seems that way because we are seeing the very best of those people in a snapshot of their lives while judging ourselves for every single imperfection.


Ironically, the more we admit our shortcomings, the less important they become, and the quicker we can get on with the meaningful parts of life.
The answer? Loving and accepting ourselves.  NO. MATTER. WHAT.

I gave you some tools to use for doing just that last week. Did you have a chance to watch it yet? It’s short. Check it out HERE. I have several other helpful videos on my YouTube channel you can check out, too.

How does admitting your imperfections, raising your own bar, and unconditional self-acceptance all fit together?

Here’s how…w
e don’t have to be perfect to love ourselves, but we do have to love ourselves to keep raising our own bar.

Raising your own bar is about believing in YOU, embracing your own personal evolution, and not letting yourself get in your own way!

If you want real change, you have to BELIEVE and you have to make a choice to not get caught up in your own BULLSHIT criticism, self-judgment, and pity. And, yes, this is much easier said than done. This is why my motto is to Keep Raising My Own Bar!

Do You Believe?

SS Meme.png

If you’re interested in talking with me 1-on-1 about how to let go of the old habits of busyness and dis-ease in order to live a conscious path to THRIVE, set up your
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I promise you’ll be glad you did!


Here’s what others are saying that have worked with me:

“Working with Jessica absolutely changed my life! I felt like I had hit a wall, and with Jessica’s guidance, I was able to see what patterns were holding me back. Jessica’s style of teaching is gentle and approachable, and she speaks from a place of experience and understanding, helping you make bite-size changes and celebrate them appropriately! The material in the course is extremely practical; I know that these habits will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Jessica has a wealth of knowledge in the healing arts, and she makes this information accessible to all of her students. I would recommend this course to anyone – from those beginning on a wellness path to those who have already been on one for some time.”

– Christina Sava, Attorney, Yogi

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