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Are You Too Sensitive?

Are You Too Sensitive_Have you ever wondered if you’re TOO sensitive? Most people have. Even those people that you think of as the epitome of strong and resilient.  We all came into this world with a great wealth of “exquisite sensitivity”*, but we live in a culture where sensitivity is not valued.

Scan your past and you can probably find several examples of being told that you were either “too sensitive”, whether those exact words were used, or not. As a child, I was told to stop crying and to not to show my emotions. As a teenager, I was told that I was too sensitive, that I was going to have to “toughen up” and stop being so sensitive in order to have a “real” adult relationship. As a young adult I found that my emotions were too honest and too big for others, that in order to be received by others, I needed to BE different — to hide what was really going on from “others”. I know I’m not alone here. How were you told that you were not “ok” just the way you are?

You might say — “What’s the big deal? Isn’t that part of growing up and putting on your Big Girl Panties?” And I answer with a big, PHAT, resounding “NO!”

Being an adult isn’t about shoving your emotions aside so that you can get on with “real life.” REAL LIFE is about being WHOLE and discovering the richness that comes with authenticity in our humanness and self-growth and learning who we really are and how to thrive and show up to live with our unique brilliance.

So the problem lies with this…

How can we possibly be authentic, know our true selves, and contribute to the beautiful web of creation that is life, if we are pushing away who we truly are in order to be acceptable by the masses?

(mic drop)

So, there it is. The choice we have as adults is whether we want to delve into the mess to uncover who we really are/were. It’s a little like opening Pandora’s box, but I can promise you that it’s worth the effort to walk the path of healing and wholeness. You see, our emotions are not simply a thing to contain, nor are they something to distance ourselves from.

There is great intelligence in our emotions and they are part of our built-in Internal Navigation System. Emotions (feelings), sensations, repetitive thoughts, sensitivities, and any other “symptoms” we perceive are our body/spirit’s ways of communicating to our conscious minds that something needs attention. If we push these signals down in order to go about “business as usual” in our lives, we miss a vital opportunity to address something that holds significance.

Healthcare, nutrition books, counselors, etc — these are tools we can seek out to help us light the way toward our own healing, but they are NOT a substitute for the deep wisdom that lies within YOU!

I’d love to hear about your experience with being sensitive. What message did you get as you were growing up? Did you stuff down your emotional life in order to “comply” with mainstream culture? Have you already done some work around acknowledging these parts of yourself and integrating them into your adult life? Please share in the comments below! I promise to respond to each and every thoughtful comment!

If this work really resonates with you and you want to deep dive into your own Self Healing journey, then schedule a free 1-1 Wellness Discovery Session with me!

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* The phrase “exquisite sensitivity comes from Sheryl Paul in her beautiful book, The Wisdom of Anxiety.

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