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Ever wonder WHY you don’t DO what you know you NEED to DO in order to BE your BEST Self?

There’s a REAL answer here, and it’s NOT just YOU. We ALL do it. It’s called…


Resistance is a natural way that the ego kicks in to save itself. It’s not inherently bad — it’s just the way the brain works. Unfortunately, though, if we don’t KNOW this and NAME it, then…


There are sooooo many ways that WE GET IN THE WAY OF OUR OWN HAPPINESS!

The good news is that we can beat it. I have a few #lifehacks to share with you in this week’s VLOG, so take a seat + OPEN your MIND…

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What ways do you catch yourself getting in your own way?

Name Your Inner Resistance!

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WHY Self Care NOW?

There’s a whole lot of buzz out there about Self Care, but what is it REALLY and is it necessary? 

The term “self care” can trigger reactions of selfishness, overwhelm, or eye-rolling. In this week’s VLOG I break it down —

  • What IS Self Care anyway?
  • What is NOT Self Care?
  • Is it REALLY necessary?
  • Why is it important?
  • The dangers of giving too much.
  • How do we take care of ourselves without adding to a laundry list of “to-do”s?

I also share a simple Self Care Practice to get you started! ❤

Let me know your thoughts on Self Care in the comments! What practices do you have in place? Do you see Self Care as important in your life?



Awakening Your Inner Healer

Awaken Your Inner Healer (1)

Have you ever noticed that the things that have real significance in life aren’t usually the easiest things to come by? Not to say that they are difficult, but rather that there’s some work involved — digging, research, soul-searching, SERIOUS patience, tears, sometimes sweat, struggle, etc. One reason I see is that the capital ‘T’ Truth isn’t exactly staring us in the face. You kind of have to journey for it. At least that’s what I’ve found.

Modern culture has a way of devaluing the Truth and perpetuating all of the rumors that are currently being explored — much like high school culture. And rather than having a web of wise ones to go to, these days we have Google, which is funny and sad and…also useful.

As a culture, we modern-day humans are lacking the real WEB (not the internet), the sisterhood, the tribe, the community of support that holds, nurtures, guides, challenges, AND teaches the wisdom ways.

This summer I am holding space for a community of Truth-seekers, Self-Healers, and people who want to GROW to be more healthy, loving, empowered, and compassionate inside and out, for the rest of their days!

There are so many wisdom practices that I will be sharing with you — things you can do every single day for FREE in order to live in a way that feels in alignment with your values and goals. Wisdom from Ayurveda, Yoga, Divine Feminine, Tantra, Science, Earth Medicine, and my handy-dandy metaphysical toolkit.

Join the Health (r)Evolution Wisdom Circle…starting June 6th, every Thursday at 12pm PST, for 13 weeks!

This is completely FREE! You only need internet and a Facebook account. You can sign up easy-peasy by clicking HERE. You’ll get an email with a link to join our Wisdom Circle (Super-Private Facebook group) and then it’s up to YOU to participate as we move through this summer.

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