Ayurveda 101

Out of all of the habits we covered in the workshop, what’s your ONE THING?

Did you decide on one thing to put your attention on? It seems like a worthy cause to try to do all of them at once, but putting too many expectations on ourselves is actually counterproductive. I know that when I go that route it always ends in failure — and not the good kind.

FAIL = First Attempts In Learning

The good kind of failure is when we put our effort into something that doesn’t turn out the way we expected, but in the process, we learn something about how to do it better the next time. The “bad” kind of failure is when we have such huge expectations for the outcome that we don’t even start. Has this happened to you before? This has been a habit of mine, unfortunately, but…on the positive side…I’m learning to look at things differently. I’m getting the hang of just STARTING whether I feel “ready” or not and whether I think I can “get it right” or not. (I wrote a blog post about this a while back. You can read it by clicking on the image below.)Getting It Done

So….with all of that in mind what’s your one thing?

  • Meal Spacing?
  • Going to Bed and Waking with the Sun?
  • Earlier Lighter Dinners?
  • (There’s more on your downloadable tip sheet at the bottom of this page!)

Your Wellness Discovery Session

As I promised in the Ayurveda 101 Workshop, I’m offering you a time to have a conversation with me about you Health (Body/Mind/Spirit) Goals and how I Can Help!

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I’ve been in the Wellness field for over 20 years and I want to help YOU live the life you WISH you were living EVERY DAY! As a certified Yoga Health Coach and a modern day mama, I have the tools to guide you to THRIVE! I don’t want you to go another minute without the support you need to transform your busy, overwhelmed mind/body/spirit into one of confidence, clarity, and peace!

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Learn All About my Upcoming Course —> Awake + Radiant Living 

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we find in the sea. (2)Enrollment for this round is only open until May 11th!

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