Befriending Your Body’s Cycles with Ayurveda

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Hi! I’m glad you made it here! I’ve put together some sweet resources for you to deepen your understanding and alignment with your body’s cycles.

Tips from the talk…

  • We are not meant to “produce” at the same rate throughout the month but to ebb and flow.
  • Think of your moon cycle as a gift — a time for you to directly connect with the source of your intuition.
  • Our moon cycle is directly related to the moon’s cycles. It’s a great idea to moon gaze throughout the month and to stay connected to her natural cycles.
  • “Balance” is a dance, not a fixed place of perfection.
  • The deeper IN you go, the greater your capacity to move out (and vice versa). Pay attention to the way you feel during the new moon and the full moon and go with the flow of SPANDA (the expansive/contractive pulse of the Universe).
  • Take extra care of yourself during the days leading up to menstruation and the 2-3 days that your flow is the heaviest (or your symptoms are most intense). This may reduce symptoms later in the month during ovulation.
  • Lighten up on yourself during menstruation. Let yourself off the hook for anything and everything you can just for those 2-3 days when bleeding is heaviest.
  • Align with the natural rhythms of day/night by:
    • Eating with the sun.
    • Going to bed early.
    • Minimizing artificial light during early morning and evening hours. Artificial light disrupts the pineal gland, which leads to hormonal imbalance.
    • Waking up before sunrise.

Gifts for You…

1. Click on the image below to download your “Attune to Your Moon Cycle” tip sheet!


2. Download this Worksheet to help you plan for and reflect on your Moon time.

3. Moon Time Tea Recipe.















4. A Sweet Bedtime Ritual…

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