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Welcome to Central Oregon’s Premiere
Mama-Centered Holistic Healing Solution in Bend!


Hi! I’m Jessica — Ayurvedic Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum massage therapist, Doula, Yoga Teacher, Natural Parenting Advocate, and Mama.

It is my pleasure to help guide other women through the transition of motherhood!

I believe that each adventure through pregnancy and birth is a Sacred Journey, a rite of passage, and a powerful opportunity in the life of the mother (and her partner) to transition more fully into her most authentic self. I also believe in WHOLE-istic health and all of my work addresses every level of being for mother and baby — body, mind, spirit.

How I can help you and your family:

  • Massage + Yoga for Pregnancy & Postpartum discomforts (including Mental/Emotional Stress + Anxiety)
  • Individual Coaching for Birth + Postpartum Planning, Childbirth Education, Healthy Lifestyle + Diet
  • Fertility Massage
  • Courses for enhancing your adventures in birthing:

In order to determine which options will best support your needs, I would love to offer you a FREE Holistic Birth Consultation.

Schedule Your FREE Holistic Birth Consultation with Me TODAY!


MamaWise Pregnancy to Postpartum Holistic Bodywork Package

Copy of Pregnancy to Postpartum Massage Package (1)

As a MamaWise Pregnancy to Postpartum Bodywork client, you’ll receive 12 massage/bodywork sessions and 3 coaching sessions — both designed to specifically address your physical and emotional concerns during your journey into motherhood. You’ll also get 10% off MamaWise Holistic Childbirth Course.

SAVE $495 with this package!

* Massage packages are only available to Central Oregon clients, as Sacred Space Mama is located in Bend, Oregon.

Purchase This Package

Want to see ALL of your Options for Working with Me?

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Copy of Pregnancy to Postpartum Massage Package (2)
Get the help you need to during this special time. Coaching Sessions can be used for mentoring/ planning your birth and postpartum,  emotional support for the rapid changes going on, diet and lifestyle design, etc. I am here to presence your Sacred Journey into Motherhood and to educate and empower you with the tools you need. I am here for YOU, in this 1-1 session, in whatever way you need my support.

Book a 1-1 Session with Me

Purchase a Birth Coaching Package of 4 and Save $215!


Add heading-2MamaWise Holistic Childbirth Course This 6-week online course encompasses the whole of the journey — from understanding the physical (“nuts & bolts”) of pregnancy and birth in a woman’s body to what’s needed within the family unit to how to eat, exercise, and nourish yourself to how to have your best possible birth to navigating parenting choices.

MamaWise is not your “average” childbirth education course! 

Learn more about this course by clicking on the image (or this text).

Nurturing the Pregnant Couple Wrokshop.png

Nurturing the Pregnant Couple
Would you like to learn yoga and massage sequences you can practice at home to feel more grounded in your body and connected to your partner during pregnancy + birth?

Would you like to know what you can REALLY expect, and learn practical techniques for navigating labor?

Would you like to foster a loving, connected alignment with your partner, that carries you both along your journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, so that you can know better how to support one another during this most significant time for your family?

This course consists of Concise Childbirth Education, Couples Prenatal Yoga & Relaxation, Partner Massages (or Dads’ Need Massage Too), Pregnancy Massage, Labor Massage (and positions), and Newborn & Infant Massage. Learn more about this course by clicking the image (or this text). Dates coming soon…

Online Prenatal Yoga Course (coming soon)

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