Your Sacred Journey to Self Healing…

3 Rounds - Awake + Radiant Living

Through the ancient traditions of Yoga & Ayurveda, we learn a deeper understanding of the Self,  meaning the true self, higher self, more akin to one’s Soul.

During your everyday life, do you make time to do things that nourish your Self? 
We all know what happens when we don’t feed our (small ‘s’) selves.

What happens when we don’t feed our Soul? It withers.

We lose touch with our dreams, our purpose, our confidence, our intuition. We forget our true Self, our one true “home”.

We start running on auto-pilot, make choices that are out of integrity with our intentions, engage in habits that don’t support real Health, we find fault in ourselves and others, frustration in things that shouldn’t really bother us…in short, life loses its LIFE. We aren’t Awake, and we certainly aren’t Radiant. That’s a big price to pay!

Being weighed down with regret isn’t the life anyone knowingly chooses, but it happens. We all want to feel AWESOME, but once you’ve been living a lackluster life for a while, it’s easy to forget that anything better is possible for you. 

Let’s not go down that road! When you see the life it leads to, the benefit of Self Care becomes more evident.

The Best Way to Nourish Your Soul is to Cultivate a Loving Relationship with your Self.

Are you withholding the good feelings, the self-care, the things that bring you joy and nurturance, thinking those aren’t achievable in the present, because…what on Earth might happen if you prioritized your health and happiness (sarcasm intended)? 

What I want you to get is that it’s not an “either/or” scenario.

It’s not your health/happiness/wholeness OR your family/career/community.

The rest of your life won’t fall away when you start to give to your Self.  In fact, it’s the opposite!

When you begin to LIVE in ways that support your Health + Happiness + Wholeness by creating habits that feed you, everything else in your life will fall into place, too! 

When we aren’t living in ways that are SUSTAINABLE and NOURISHING to the whole self (body/mind/spirit) then all the good stuff we are working towards in life WILL slip away. 


Who you are right now is a culmination of your own beliefs and your past actions, based on those beliefs.

I help people shift their beliefs about themselves (what’s possible) and uplevel their daily habits in order to live a fulfilling life of wholeness, true health, and deep joy!

This is a Sacred Journey of Self-Healing – physically + emotionally.

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I’m taking a handful of courageous women with me on a year-long journey of self-healing. Using the wisdom and self-care practices of Ayurveda, the practical tools of habit science, the dynamic support of a group, and my own spiritual toolkit, I will teach you how to take the steps necessary to get you from a life of chaos, regret, overwhelm, and autoimmune issues to a life you design of whole health, ease, joy, and deep fulfillment.

Where You ARE
3 Rounds - Awake + Radiant Living

Is This Course For You?

It is if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired! It is if you are ready to live an Awake + Radiant Life and say goodbye to:

  • Overwhelm
  • Daily exhaustion
  • Excuses
  • Putting your life on hold
  • Just getting by with your health
  • Busy-ness and rushing as the “norm”
  • Never having time for what you love
  • Doing what others think you “should” do
  • Not being in control of your health
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Sleep-deprivation

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This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are happy with your excuses
  • You are unwilling to question your current beliefs about yourself/life/health
  • You are ok with living a lackluster life
  • You aren’t willing to be Vulnerable + Show UP to life
  • You don’t want to INVEST in your Self
  • You aren’t willing to do the work of unveiling your patterns of self-sabotage in order get out of your own way of Self-Healing
  • You don’t believe you CAN live the life of your dreams

I am only taking 13 women with me this Winter on this radical journey of Self-Healing.
Do You Want to Live an AWAKE + RADIANT LIFE?

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Space is limited. If this speaks to you…

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“Working with Jessica absolutely changed my life! I felt like I had hit a wall, and with Jessica’s guidance, I was able to see what patterns were holding me back. Jessica’s style of teaching is gentle and approachable, and she speaks from a place of experience and understanding, helping you make bite-size changes and celebrate them appropriately!

The material in the course is extremely practical; I know that these habits will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Jessica has a wealth of knowledge in the healing arts, and she makes this information accessible to all of her students. I would recommend this course to anyone – from those beginning on a wellness path to those who have already been on one for some time.”
– Christina Sava, Attorney, Yogi


What’s Included in This Course?

  • Awake + Radiant Living Prep School – (During the weeks leading up to your course start date, you’ll get:)
    • weekly emails with guidance on how to get the most out of this course
    • access to a resource page with assignments and videos to help prepare you and map the way ahead for your ultimate success
    • office hours – live calls every other week for 1-1 support
  • Once your Course Gets Started, You Get a MASSIVE Amount of Support, including:
  • Weekly emails + videos teaching the 10 core habits of self-care
  • 12 weekly online group coaching calls with me (3X throughout our year-long journey = 36 total) where you get 1-on-1 laser coaching to help you design your new habit for that week and implement it successfully
  • Twelve, 20-minute, 1-1 laser coaching sessions with me (for diving deeper into your patterns and uncovering your path to self-healing)
  • 4 Downloadable eBooks (Master Habits, Habit Changing Guide, Recipe Book, and Body Thrive Workbook)
  • Meditation + Yoga Practice Lab – an online library to support you
  • Ongoing peer + mentor support in our private Facebook group — because people evolve faster in groups and have 80% better success rate!!
  • Accountability Partner – because having someone to connect with makes you more successful and the journey more FUN!
  • Invitation to Yearly Retreat
  • Free access (for you + a friend) to workshops throughout the year on topics that support + inspire your journey 
  • Invitation to join in on seasonal journeys during the integration breaks between rounds (ex. – Spring + Fall Detox, Healthier Holidays, etc.)

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Enrollment is Now Open!
Step into the BEST Version of YOU!

Where do you Want to See Your Self in One year?
Don't Put Off Living Your Awake + Radiant Life!
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About Investing In Yourself…

How much do you spend on your “healthcare” a year? Car? Lattes? Going out to eat? According to this report, “the average American spends approximately $1,100 a year– or $3 each day– on coffee”.  Track your spending for one week, and then multiply the amount your spending on things that don’t actually nourish you — alcohol, coffee shops, eating out, impulse buys (retail therapy), etc. — by 52! You might be surprised. Where do you want to invest your money?


for the ULTIMATE Return On Investment = Your Health + Happiness + Peace of Mind!

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Marie and I talk about my course, AWAKE + RADIANT LIVING — why she’s so PSYCHED that she signed up and what made her able to INVEST!! Take a watch!

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