Spring Cleanse Kit

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Kit ~ $125

Included in your Kit:

  • Organic Basmati Rice
  • Organic Yellow Mung Dal
  • Kitchari Spice Mix
  • CCF Tea
  • Ghee
  • Total Body Cleanse
  • Triphala

In order to get your kit before Week 2 starts, you’ll need to order by Tuesday 4/27 evening. I’ll place the order Wednesday morning!

Why I included each of these items included in the kit…

Week 2 of the cleanse consists mostly of a traditional Ayurvedic cleansing meal called Kitchari (KITCH-er-ee).

  • The first three items on the list — Basmati rice, Mung Dahl, and Kitchari spice mix — are for making these meals. The amount in the kit should get 1 person through all 7 days, but it’s possible you use more or less (depending on portioning). If you are doing this with another person, please email me at info@sacredspacehealingarts.com to let me know that you want to add more mung dahl. You can also add more ghee, just let me know!
  • CCF Tea is for kindling digestion
  • Ghee is healing for the gut and part of the oleation process in week 2
  • Total Body Cleanse is an herbal formula to support your body in detoxification
  • Triphala is for helping regularity and digestive health
  • Castor oil for flushing at the end of week 2