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What’s Different About MamaWise?

MamaWise is a Holistic Childbirth Education series that is different from your “average” childbirth ed course for 4 reasons.

  1. It’s Holistic, which means we look at the WHOLE picture. In the case of childbirth, that means educating the mother on everything that has anything to do with the health of mama, baby, family, and community. MamaWise covers EVERYTHING — nutrition, exercise, relaxation, emotional health, choices for birth, birth planning, new family dynamics, and (definitely one of the most important pieces >>>) postpartum care.
  2. It’s Empowering, meaning this course gives the power back to the Mama (where it belongs)! It’s important that women recognize the beauty and the power of the birthing experience.
  3. It’s All-Encompassing! From the microcosm (taking care of mama) to the macrocosm (the cultivation of a new family — because even if this is your 5th kid, the addition of a new soul is the birth of a new family). Learning the art of true Self-Care practices translates to how you show up for your family and in your life. It also serves as a powerful example to your children of how to love and care for themselves.
  4. Mamas NEED other Mamas! In more traditional times, women supported women through birth and postpartum, but in our current culture, these practices have been mostly lost. This course offers you the support of other women who have been through, and are going through, what you are going through. Jessica Robinson is also a Mama, a Doula, a Yoga Health Coach, and a Pregnancy/Labor/Postpartum Massage Therapist.

As a mother, myself, I have learned so much from my own experiences and the help I’ve received from other knowledgeable, caring mamas, and I want to share with you how the Journey of Motherhood can be one of the most AMAZING experiences in a woman’s life! It all starts with conception and most folks assume it ends with the birth of a baby, but that’s only the beginning.

Through the experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
a MAMA is born (with each and every new child she carries).
You will NEVER be the same again, nor would you want to!

This Course Is for YOU If:

  • You are READY to embrace the experience of BIRTH as personal/familial TRANSFORMATION
  • You want to tap into your INTUITION and Feel Empowered by your Birth experience
  • Your past birth experiences have left you feeling dis-empowered and you want something BETTER this time
  • You want to Know your options and Make Your Own Choices for Your Birth
  • Your family and/or friends aren’t supporting your natural birth choices and you’re wanting the support of other like-minded mamas

We Start March 11th! Get Details and Sign Up HERE!