Sacred Path of the Warrior YOGA starts THIS Tuesday 10/11


Sacred Path of the Warrior


Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

by donation (suggested $10-15, or whatever you can afford)

We all want to feel happier, healthier, and in tune with our highest self,

but sometimes it feels like “LIFE” gets in the way.

YOGA can teach us how to walk the Sacred Path of the Warrior in every day life. 

What does that mean?

It means we THRIVE, not just survive. 

It means that our choices reflect our deepest intentions. 

It means that we have compassion for ourselves and all other beings.

Bring your wise self and see how the ancient teachings of

Yoga can transform you life (body, mind, and spirit) for the better!

EVERYONE is WELCOME in this Real Life Yoga Class!


Sacred Space Yoga 177 N 4th St, Lander Questions: Call Jess at 349-4986

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